KleczPhoto Marine Research|Photography is a scientific consultancy specialising in fish ecological phenomena and how these may change over time. Utilising a variety of DSLR and video techniques, KleczPhoto designs, implements and conducts research into the health and dynamics of benthic/pelagic habitats and the fishes that inhabit them.

KleczPhoto began as a specialist scientific service provider to the Marine and Atmospheric Research division of the Australian Commonwealth Government Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO. This early work involved testing the effects of fishing and marine reserve protection on temperate and tropical fishes during a nation-wide study of marine reserves effects around Australia.

Artificial Reef Ecological monitoring emerged as another key service area, where KleczPhoto applies pure science to meet the needs of private sector clients RIO TINTO and in collaboration with other consultancies MScience Pty Ltd.

Key services and capabilities are highly specialised towards fish ecology and remote underwater video techniques BRUV. Concurrently, strong interests in fishing, and writing led to freelance photojournalist work as feature writer and columnist for Western Angler Magazine since early 2000.

These complimentary experiences led to a late blooming addiction to photography, particularly underwater. With photography taking a larger role, KleczPhoto is now trained on experiencing and capturing pelagic phenomena such as billfish, tuna and mahi mahi feeding in the open ocean. The galleries may give you a better idea of what I mean by that. Sales and enquiries can be directed to Matt Kleczkowski at contact, or via email.